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Our Mission Statement

Section 1. Morongo Valley CSD Mission Statement 
The mission of the District is to respond to the needs of its citizens and represent them, as a group, at local and regional levels in solving local problems affecting the common good. To fulfill that mission, the Board of Directors of the Morongo Valley Community Services District is committed to the following legislative policy: 

•    To respond to community needs within the District's sphere of influence (said sphere being subject to future revision and amendment pursuant to Government Code) to the full extent of the District's authority and the purposes for which it was formed;
•    To support orderly growth and development which is essential to the social, fiscal and economic well-being of the community as an integral part of Morongo Valley and which responds sensitively to environmental concerns and available natural resources; and
•    To set priorities for community services by weighing actual and future needs against all available financial resources and to manage public funds in a manner both fiscally sound and conservative.

The Board further finds that the common good is best served when all policies are based upon the most complete information that can be assembled, the counsel of reliable, independent experts is sought, and the District is administered fairly, objectively and without deference to special or self interests. 

Section 2. Purpose of Board Policies 
It is the intent of the Board of Directors to the Morongo Valley Community Services District to maintain a Manual of Policies. Contained therein shall be a comprehensive listing of the Board's current policies, being the rules and regulations enacted by the Board from time to time. The Manual of Policies will serve as a resource for Directors, staff and members of the public in determining the manner in which matters of District business are to be conducted.