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Gayl Swarat

Position: President
Term: 11/06/2022
May contain: human, person, face, accessories, glasses, accessory, and head

My husband Bill and I fell in love with this area and have lived in Morongo Valley since 1979. We have had our own sign company, Swarat Signs, for 44 years and I have learned all aspects of running a business from the hands on part: graphic art, sign manufacturing, to the financial end of budgeting and accounting. We bought land here and built our cabin, on our own, learning all the intricacies of building, plumbing, electrical and all aspects of creating a structure to call a home. We have been off the electrical grid since 1979 using solar for both our home and sign business. In 1979, as newcomers to the valley, we were interested in getting involved in the community. I was involved in the 1980’s and 2007 community plan projects, as well as the most recent 2019 San Bernardino County Wide Plan in order to keep the rural character of Morongo Valley and protect our community water supply. I studied CEQA, California Environmental Quality Act, which has served our community well in the protection of Big Morongo Canyon Preserve and the rural integrity of Morongo Valley. I was instrumental in moving the boundaries of Morongo Valley’s “Sphere of Influence” from the bottom of the Yucca grade to the top of the grade in order to protect our community and underground water aquifer from intrusion by Yucca Valley. Bill and I field studied the whole of Morongo Valley in our 1969 Volkswagen and created the most accurate map of the roads. We computerized the map for it’s 2nd printing and created a reference book of all the roads, addresses, and fire hydrants for the Fire Department. In addition, and as a further contribution to our community, I have done and am still doing signs and printing for the park and fire department at no expense to the CSD’s limited budget. I also worked on the latest park grant to provide new playground equipment for the children in our community. We hope to know soon if we were awarded the grant. I know the great value in having our own Fire Department with ALS, Advanced Life Support, which means we have a paramedic on duty 24/7. I also know the value to the community of having a beautiful park facility for all ages and interests. I am dedicated to keeping these valuable assets for our community. I am doing everything in my power to make and improve the services that the CSD is chartered to provide.