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Morongo Valley Fire Department Updates

8/6/2020 Morongo Valley UPDATE: 9:15 AM

Good morning Morongo Valley residents. The fire activity is still moving slow in the hills West of Morongo valley. Latest information indicates 8-10 miles from the closest point of Morongo Valley. The markers used to make this measurement is Canyon House & Big Morongo Canyons because they stretch the furthest to the West.

Overnight information and today’s events will be posted when received to keep everyone with fire activities. Morongo Valley Fire department is working to keep our town and residents provided with emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Planning: As a precaution to the #Applefire there will be more activity in Morongo Valley. Additional firefighting trucks and dozers may be seen in the area and going through neighborhoods. This is in preparation for a firefighting attack IF needed. The firefighters are not generally from this area of the county or state and must be familiar with the roads, terrain, and access. All of this is for safety and effectiveness of a coordinated effort to stop or reduce fire damages and property loss. Life safety is always #1 concern.

Have you completed your evacuation plan yet? Now is the time to verify your priorities, checklists, and provisions. IF an evacuation warning is placed, you should be “set, ready, and go”. The way evacuations are conducted are 1) Warning: this is voluntary, you may choose to leave, prepare to leave, get your plan active and take action. 2) Evacuation order: this is a mandatory order to leave your property and seek a safe refuge out of the area or to a designated evacuation area that will be identified.

If any activity concerning evacuation is applied to Morongo Valley, Public announcements, door-to-door visits, cell phone & house phone calls/text, and social media notices will be broadcasted.

Next scheduled update will be 1pm 8/6/2020. Questions and information may be commented on throughout the day when possible on this thread.

Be safe.

Div. Chief Robert Springer MVFD