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Morongo Valley Fire Department Updates

8/5/2020  4:30 pm             

Good afternoon Morongo Valley.

Today’s information has not been compiled from the IMT for release and won’t be available until later this evening.

Todays activity for Morongo Valley has been slow and not very eventful. Expect to see more firefighting units around Morongo including a Bulldozer parked at the Ball fields. These activities are part of a preplanned movement in the event the fire activity presents a danger.

So far, the fire has not behaved in a manner that would demand an evacuation concern. MORONGO VALLEY IS NOT UNDER AN EVACUATION WARNING OR ORDER AT THE TIME OFTHIS POST.

The weather has been blowing wind in the area headed East this morning. The wind changed direction to the East/North East. This has brought much more smoke to the valley and will continue as long as the wind stays in current direction.

Stay prepared and plan out an evacuation of yourself, family, animals, & property. Don’t wait till the last minute to make your plan. Remain calm and focus on your priorities.

Stay safe,

Div Chief Robert Springer MVFD