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Morongo Valley Fire Department Update

8/4/2020 11:00 PM UPDATE

Good evening Morongo Valley residents. The fire activity and situation has not changed much from the previous day.

From the IMT:

The fire is slowed activity in most areas, but active pockets and some runs of vegetation are still free burning.

The weather is playing a major role in the fire activities and behavior. Some areas near Banning/Beaumont are calming down, but still very hot coal beds. Crews are working the fire line and making progress on the percentage of containment.

Some areas being watched and monitoring the situation is the area West of White water and the upper slope areas towards the mountain Forest lands.


For Morongo Valley:

The prediction and behavior models currently do not indicate the fire to reach Morongo Valley. This situation is being analyzed daily and really depends on how the fire reacts to the weather. Wind, temps, and relative Humidity are the influence on the fire progression.

Morongo Valley is NOT under an evacuation warning or orders at the time of this post. Best information provided by the IMT team places the fire still 10-13 miles from the furthest portions of Morongo Valley and currently not in the threat path.

Please take time to prepare, move, accommodate family or friends that may not have transportation to relocate, medical needs that are or can be relieved by not being in the smoke filled areas as this fire continues to burn old vegetation. Again, not an evacuation warning, just a point of consideration .


Further updates will be posted 10 AM tomorrow 8/5/2020.


Be safe,

Div. Chief Robert Springer MVFD